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Kotaku Presents: 50 things that piss EVERYONE off when they game!!
  1. When you’re playing a multiplayer game, and your controller runs out of batteries.
  2. The speedbike level in battletoads, much?
  3. In pikmin, when a bunch of your pikmin get killed by the empress bulblax
  4. Accidentally cartwheeling in Mirror’s Edge: IT JUST. KEEPS. HAPPENING. Christ, have these guys ever designed a control system before?
  5. The Ghouls in Ghouls & Goblins
  6. Not getting a line piece in tetris!
  7. The ? Blocks in super mario bros.
  8. Superman 64. Just… Superman 64.
  9. Playing minecraft for 3 hours straight and realizing you forgot to take the lens cap off the camcorder
  10. Catching a shiny pokémon. All the pokémon fans reading this know the true pain of accidentally catching a shiny pokémon.
  11. Accidentally making a Codec call instead of using a ration in the first Metal Gear Solid.
  12. Team Fortress 2 during solstice.
  13. The Water TEmple in Ocarina of Time, much?
  14. Accidentally spilling pop water on your game pad
  15. This ever happen to you? You think you’ve beaten the level - but you haven’t beaten the level yet.
  16. Losing a life in Pac-Man!!
  17. Playing Wave Race on Game Boy and accidentally dropping the Game Boy
  18. one star anger bird!! oNE STAR ANGER BIRD/!!
  19. Sticky button
  20. Playing Wipeout in multiplayer… but your opponent keeps choosing the well-rounded Feisar ship.
  21. Some of the puzzles in Chu Chu Rocket were pretty hard
  22. The “notes” page at the back of instruction manuals for games - I’m sure we’ve all broken a few game pads over that.
  23. In the Zelda series, how come Link never talks?
  24. The portals in Portal
  25. In Persona 4, Yosuke crashes his bike and falls into a trash can NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CHOICES WERE UP TO THEN.
  26. The language select screen. Remind me what country this is again?
  27. The part with the electrified girders in Flower.
  28. In WarioWare: Smooth Moves, the microgame where you have to shred something is just incredibly unresponsive.
  29. Uh… the Kinect? *hooting, hollering from crowd*
  30. E.T. much?
  31. The crowbar in Half-Life, and to a lesser extent, Half-Life 2.
  32. "Pause that game and come to dinner!" Uh, mom… it’s online.
  33. Losing your 3DS in your massive and many pockets on your terrible trousers.
  34. duc hunt
  35. Playing bomberman and getting killed by a bomb
  36. Accidentally buying FIFA ‘13 instead of FIFA ‘14
  37. Permadeath in Fire Emblem.
  38. If you name all your crew with stupid names in FTL, you can’t change them during the game.
  39. Trying to double click on the papers please icon but accidentally starting manga studio
  40. In Okami your weapons are… a shield, a sword, and a string of beads. Jesus Christ.
  41. Trying to play two games of rez at once on two TVs
  42. Two words: Mario. Golf.
  43. Putting the wrong game disc in the game case. Terrible!
  44. Getting a head shot in call of duty: black ops 2.
  45. Uhhhhh…. escort missions, anyone?
  46. UHHHHhhhh…. underwater levels, much?
  47. Green Hill Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog. The hardest level in the entire game, and it’s the first one you play??
  48. If you lost the code wheel that came with Zool, you’d have to use dial up internet to find a copy.
  49. Collecting 100 coins to get an extra life in Mario
  50. scrappy doo
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My unproduced pilot script for Angry Birds: The Animated Series (proposal for Amazon Studios Prime Originals
In the forest, bird.
(Setting the scene with a little music (play tracks by LiLiPUT and Josef K. track list TBA))
Bird consumes the grain.
Bird: why am I angry
(A shadow is cast over the scene. We are then bathed in white light. It feels as though our blood pressure has been dangerously elevated and we cannot focus our eyes.)
God of Bird: I am bird's God.
God of Bird: A new world will be born. In six days, this world will be destroyed.
Bird: Only a Red Blade has the power to damage God's body.
Bird: I must find the Red Blade.
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My Final Fantasy XIV character by g0m (age 20 + 1/2)

My Final Fantasy XIV character is a male of the Miqo’te species, born on the 18th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon. Despite his cheery disposition and helpful nature, his deep indigo hair and piercing violet eyes made him an outcast among his clan - the Seekers of the Sun. As such, his was an isolated upbringing, his lifestyle one of trying to prove himself to his peers. However, one day he ventured too close to the marine city-state of Limsa Lominsa, and what he saw inside fascinated him. Thus began his quest for knowledge, following the teachings of Thaliak, the Scholar. In his pursuit of wisdom, he found the arcane arts in particular fascinated him, and he’s rarely seen without some grimoire or another. One day he hopes to return to his clan, and to use what he has learned tHIS NAME IS DEREK SPANKSBANE I GAVE HIM A HUGE DICK

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i made this video for the something awful forums’ cinema discusso subforum’s CineBytes movie awards. Maybe you will like it too? :)

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Okay moments in dashboard confluence
I mean there was confluence on my dashboard, to a point, you can see? If you read those two things in order it’s kind of a dialogue
Ugh, I’m sorry
I’m so fucking sorry, fuck this, I’m a failure
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Okay moments in dashboard confluence

I mean there was confluence on my dashboard, to a point, you can see? If you read those two things in order it’s kind of a dialogue

Ugh, I’m sorry

I’m so fucking sorry, fuck this, I’m a failure

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i was struck by the inexplicable urge to reread this post and now i’m inflicting it on all of you too

God I’d forgotten just how bad this was

What the fuck does this post even mean

This is pure existential horror, fuck the entire reblog chain that brought this to me.

"You could try to write litfic about this, but then nobody would read it, and you don’t see any reason to make this an Earthfic.” Hrrrrrrrrk phlack kaff

That’s fucking bad

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